My bucket list

So here I am with my bucket list. I’ve also included some items I’ve already done (the bold ones) so I can remember that, before even thinking about an “official” bucket list, I’ve already realized some of my long time dreams.

  1. Visit every continent
  2. Generate a passive income
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Dye my hair with a crazy color (violet or rainbow?!?)
  5. Take part in a spiritual ceremony
  6. Visit Japan (I only went to Tokyo for a week so I have to go back)
  7. Get a tattoo abroad
  8. Visit the Angkor temples complex
  9. Learn to do massages
  10. Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand or/and at the Wildlife SOS centre in India
  11. Ride a zip line
  12. Do a complete coast-to-coast drive in the US
  13. Revive my German
  14. Visit Sweden (been 3 times)
  15. Publish a book
  16. Attend a beer tasting course
  17. Live abroad for at least 3 months
  18. Act in a movie
  19. Go on a meditation retreat
  20. Attend the “70.000 Tons of Metal” festival cruise
  21. Visit Petra in Jordan
  22. Drive with a classic Volkswagen van all around Europe and beyond
  23. Take a yoga course
  24. Become a yoga expert
  25. Climb a volcano
  26. Drive a Harley Davidson (before this, I think I should get the proper licence 😀 )
  27. Go whale watching
  28. Visit Bhutan’s Tiger Nest
  29. Stay in a onsen
  30. Go no matter where and when to a potential Heavy Load reunion
  31. Attend an Indian wedding
  32. Go to the Great Wall in China
  33. Drive an ATV
  34. Work/volunteer for stray dogs
  35. Sleep in a treehouse
  36. Sit on Preikestolen in Norway
  37. Attend the “Up Helly Aa” festival in the Shetland islands
  38. Stay in an Indian ashram
  39. Attend a Metal gig in a peculiar location
  40. Go to Easter Island and see the majestic Moai
  41. See the pyramids (would love to go one more time)
  42. Dub a cartoon (preferably “anime”, the Japanese ones)
  43. Get a half-sleeve tattoo
  44. Stay awake all night and see the sunset
  45. Release a sky lantern during an Asian festival
  46. Visit Myanmar
  47. Eat at Joia (a Michelin-star vegetarian restaurant in Milano)
  48. See wolves in the wild
  49. See the Hōnen Matsuri in Japan
  50. Go on a full tour with one of my favourite Metal bands (just been to some tour legs for now)
  51. Do something meaningful for the world
  52. Wear crazy colored contacts
  53. Celebrate Diwali in India
  54. Go on a Norwegian fjords cruise
  55. Go to the Monkey Buffet festival in Lopburi, Thailand
  56. See the Manhattanhenge
  57. Hike to Pura Lempuyang in Bali
  58. …to be continued