About me

Every time I find a new blog, I always jump at the “About me” section…I just want to better understand who the person behind the various posts is and how I will relate to him/her. Therefore, it feels quite intimidating to write mine.

So, who the hell I am?  The name of the blog is quite self explanatory…I’m an Italian metalhead hailing from Milano and who loves to travel. Listening to Heavy Metal music and exploring the world are my two main passions and I cannot live without both.

I like to understand the places I visit and the people I meet. As far as I am still a tourist, I try to blend with the locals, respect their culture and don’t upset them with breaking unwritten rules.

I like to travel with a low budget and independently, but I also try to be a responsible traveller as much as I can or know.

About me
It’s me…at a Heavy Metal festival (Keep it True, Germany)

But I have many other interests.

I love animals/nature and I feel especially connected to dogs.

I’m into animal activism and healthy food (generally vegan).

I’ve always enjoyed reading, mainly novels of nearly any kind.

I’m crazy about everything 80’s (style, music, movies…).

I like tattoos very much and I have a few.

I love learning about mythologies, religions, cultures, History…and I consider myself a pagan/spiritual seeker, always trying to grow on the path of knowledge.

My blog is about me as I don’t want to lose memories and I’ve always liked writing (when I was a kid, my dream job was the writer), but it’s especially about you as I want to share my tips and findings to other people who likes to travel and/or likes the same music…so expect budget conscious trips all around the world plus some crazy music festivals and concerts reviews.

Follow my journey…

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    6 Replies to “About me”

    1. Brava Chiara è bellissimo!!!!!

      1. hm_metalqueen says: Reply

        Grazie, Elena!!! Detto da un’esperta come te, è davvero un grande complimento :-*

    2. Hey,
      Greetings from THC Labs AKA The Holy Connection Labs in India. We are a writing community that likes to explore topics based on various themes like Music, Movies, Travel, Culture and so on. We checked out your blog and found it very interesting, especially because we herald the music culture (metalheads especially 😉 ) as well as travel. We would really love it if you could write for us and help us build a collaboration that will be beneficial for both of us. Check out our blog and let us know if you would interested.


      Cheers and stay metal! \m/

      1. hm_metalqueen says: Reply

        Hey THC Labs! Thanks a lot for your comment and for your great offer!
        Just checked your blog and liked it a lot…it would be really great to collaborate 😀

        METAL ON \m/ \m/

    3. good

      1. hm_metalqueen says: Reply

        Thanks ^ __ ^

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