Keep It True festival

A little more than a month has passed and I still think about my favourite place to be, a place that  embodies the spirit of true Metal, a place every metalhead must experience at least one time during his life: the one and only Keep It True.

Keep It True festival takes place in Lauda Konigshofen, a quite and relaxing town in Germany.

It was born in 2003 and it’s still going strong nowadays, growing in strenght each year. In fact, you have to decide pretty fast if you want to go there as tickets sold out quickly every year.

This festival has always focused on the less known and “cult” Metal bands bringing a great “underground” feeling to it.

As you can imagine, it’s a very different event fom Wacken Open Air (see my previous post)…apart from the different type of bands, it’s also located in a little indoor sports arena: the atmosphere is much more intimate and relaxed.

It feels like family and you can meet and talk easier with members of the bands that roam around the hall freely.

If Wacken is a crazy party full of collateral events you will never forget, Keep it True is a celebration of Metal brotherhood  and music (insane things happen during both events, but I’m sure you understand what I mean).

Some reviews of this last edition bands:

This year I finally got to see Exciter with their original 3  members line up!!! I’ve already seen them with different band members, but this time was really different. I felt the rage and power and it was really amazing to see a drummer singing! Listening to “Heavy Metal Maniac”, “Long Live the Loud” or “Violence and Force” was like a real jump in the past. Precise and powerful as on the albums, Dan Beehler sang with no weariness, pounding his drums with precise and aggressive hits.

Titan Force and my beloved Riot (V) were the glorification of flawless and perfect singing…both bands have 2 incredible front man that no one is allowed to criticize. I personally loved Riot more because Titan Force are a bit too progressive for my taste, but their performances were both impeccable.

A special praise to Jutta Weinhold, a true force of nature at nearly 68 yo and Fist, a classic NWOBHM band.

Shok Paris was one of the bands I wanted more to see and I truly enjoyed their show, but if I have to be objective, I must say the singer had some difficulties in keeping his voice up.

Few tips:

How to arrive:

of course you can arrive driving (I’ve done it in the past) or you can go to Frankfurt or Stuttgart by plane or another means of transportation as Lauda Konigshofen is half way from both (the nearest city is Wurzburg but there’s no airport there).

From those cities you can take a train as the train station is quite close to the festival venue  or you can rent a car.

Where to sleep:

You can go camping in the nearby field…a lot of people do it but keep in mind there’s no facilities but portaloo.

I admit that I prefer to stay in some cozy German guesthouse to enjoy its family like hospitality and its home made breakfast. There are a lot of them scattered in villages around but also in this case you have to book early.

How to enjoy the concerts:

You can stay in the middle of the action in front of the stage and it’s easily doable with no difficulties whatsoever.

You can take it easy and sit on the big steps of the arena (left side of the stage).

Lastly, going up to the aforementioned flight of steps, you can also stand up and lean on the barrier…in this way you will see the stage very well and check all the action underneath 😀

Keep It True festival

Other activities:

There are a lot of cds/vinyls/tshirts stands and you can check them out and buy things to support the scene 😉

You can relax in the field outside, drinking and partying with friends or sit down at a nice beer garden.

Of course there is food too (not many choices if you don’t eat meat, I must say).

Well, as I wrote, everything’s centered around music so there’s nothing fancy…organizers keep it simple (and true!).

Travelling Metalhead tip:

If you have spare time, visit the towns of the region. Baden-Württemberg is really full of nice historic villages and beautiful and relaxing nature.

Keep it True Festival
Stunning German town

For example, Bad Mergentheim is famous for its thermal baths and its medieval castle (Teutonic Knights had their base here).

This year we went to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche Museum.

Even if I’m not a car fanatic, it was truly enjoyable. The building itself is beautiful…the architects of Delugan Meissl studio did an amazing job.

Keep it True festival

So…let’s go, we have to explore and enjoy Germany!

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