A Metal weekend…let the madness begin!

Nothing on site for months and then I could witness 2 concerts on 2 consecutive days: a Metal weekend for sure…let the madness begin!

Two very different bands, two very different vibes, but both gave me strong emotions in their respective subgenre.

First singer I saw is the epitome of Heavy Metal while the other bunch of metalheads exemplifies the progress and the new wave of my beloved heavy sound.

So who were they? On a sunny Saturday we saw Udo Dirkschneider singing with his new band and then Amorphis played on the next evening.


On 9 April 2016, a dream came true at “Colony”, Brescia, northern Italy. Udo was set to play only songs from the amazing Accept era: an opportunity impossible to miss. This setlist won’t be forgotten and it will probably never happen again.

For a metalhead, Udo doesn’t need an introduction: he is one of the symbols of this powerful movement.

This German man is really unique, his voice is unmistakable and he wrote Heavy Metal history with his past band Accept.

Time has passed, band members have come and gone, but here he was on a little stage: indestructible voice, just like on the albums, bleeding passion and strength, dressed in his typical army attire.

Udo Dirkschneider

24 seamlessly songs inflamed the audience; the venue is not big but it was nearly sold out; sweat and bare chests filled the hall: wild headbanging and lyrics shouted out loud. Everyone was smiling and jumping and going mad and enjoying the sheer power coming from the stage.

I was in the front row and I couldn’t stay still nor silent; my eyes were focused on Udo and his great and close-knit band who was gladly interacting with the audience. I was feeling pure and total happiness, my screaming lungs exploded and my head was banging like crazy.

Fitty Wienhold, the mighty bassist in front of me, gave me his pick: a tangible memory of the joy I felt.

Udo - Metal weekend
A little collage of Udo performance

After 2 hours of unstoppable might, everyone was exhaustedly intoxicated by the beauty of the immortal Accept songs: these songs are written in steel, they are inscribed on the tablets of the Metal Commandments.

This was a night every metalhead who witnessed it will forever keep in their Metal Hearts.

Udo Setlist:

Intro (a funny recording of “Just a gigolo”)


Living for Tonite

Flash Rockin’ Man

London Leatherboys

Midnight Mover


Head Over Heels

Neon Nights

Princess of the Dawn


Restless and Wild

Son of a Bitch

Up to the Limit

Wrong Is Right

Midnight Highway

Screaming for a Love-Bite


T.V. War

Losers and Winners


Metal Heart

I’m a Rebel

Fast as a Shark

Balls to the Wall


On 10 April 2016, the day right after Udo, I attended a performance by Amorphis at “Fabrique”, Milano.

Amorphis are well known to everyone interested in the extreme subgenre…they evolved from the classic Death Metal they played in 1990 to a peculiar and very recognizable mix of Folk, Progressive and Death Metal with clean vocals and growl both sang by the talented Tomi Joutsen.

It’s really difficult to explain their type of music as it’s very complex and multifaceted, going from violent tunes to delicate and elegant melodies.

Amorphis - Metal weekend

Well, I can’t help but make some comparison between the two consecutive shows. This venue is far bigger than Colony, the stage is higher and farer from the audience, so you could feel less intimate with the band, but it was an obliged choice due to the attendees’ quantity and band’s nowadays fame (although I expected more people than what I saw).

At the same time, the sound quality was crystal clear and you couldn’t complain about lights and stage design.

I tend to prefer smaller venues, but fortunately both acts were in the right place for them.

Talking about the proper show, it was nothing short of amazing.

Perfectly played music, effortlessly powerful vocals and a great connection with the audience…time flew by. As announced, the majority of songs were from their last studio album, “Under the Red Cloud”; they had a very good live rendition and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Of course they played also many songs from the previous albums of their very long discography (12 records!). Special mention to the amazing “My Drowned Maiden” when also the guitarist Tomi Koivusaari sang some lyrics like in the old days, the representative and always present “My Kantele”, the powerful “House of Sleep” and the evocative “The Smoke” which sadly sealed the end of the show.

Amorphis - Metal weekend
Tomi Joutsen

The lack of iconic “Black Winter Day” could disappoint some fans, but I’m all for different setlists. If Iron Maiden don’t play “Fear of The Dark” or Manowar “Hail and Kill”, I would be more than glad to hear hidden gems that are rarely listened to live. Besides, during many 2015 summer festivals, Amorphis played the entire “Tales from a Thousand Lakes” album which includes this song (and I had the fortune to witness this magical performance on Wacken stage).

Unfortunately, the setlist was shorter than the previous night (16 songs vs. 24) and I really wanted more and more from these 6 talented Finns.

But there’s no turning back, the night had come to an end and the ride back home was full of good memories and ringing ears.

Amorphis Setlist:

Under the Red Cloud


Bad Blood

Sky Is Mine

The Wanderer

On Rich and Poor

Drowned Maid

Dark Path

The Four Wise Ones

Silent Waters

My Kantele

House of Sleep

Hopeless Days


Death of a King

Silver Bride

The Smoke

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